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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Keto Coconut Shrimp!

Okay, I fucking love coconut shrimp! It is the best thing you can eat during the summer hand down, or more like hands furiously shoveling coconut shrimp in your mouth while gasping for tiny breaths of air and drinking something tropical-y. While I still cant trust flavored vodkas (please correct me if I'm rong in that!) to help me with the drink, I can still make coconut shrimp.
See here, this stuff is what's for dinner.
Coconut Shrimp:

1 egg 
1/4c coconut flour
1/4c unsweetened coconut flakes (you can add stevia if you like)
22ct medium, uncooked, deveined shrimp (or stop being lazy, save money, and devein it yourself)
oil, you know, for frying - canola

1.  set up your egg, coconut flour, and flakes in separate bowls (trust me)
2. Get out your cast iron or a large deep lipped frying pan, and pour oil in it until it's covered 
    about .5" deep, turn on your stove to med/high. 
3. Dip the shrimp in the flour, the egg, then the flakes. The flour preps it and when mixes with the egg 
    becomes like a glue for the flakes. Try using one hand for the dry ingredients, and a fork for the wet.
4. Test the oil, best way to do this is to take something small (a piece of something you can fry) and see 
     if the oil bubbles around it, if it does, it's ready to fry!
5. Get that shrimp in there, fry the shit (gently) out of it, and then consume.

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