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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Breakfasts and Lunches

Hi all! I was asked why don't I post breakfast and lunches. Well usually everyone has their own things they do for breakfast and lunch on keto, but if you're starting out, it may be a big head scratcher, it was for me at first. My main concern -  as I eat both breakfast and lunch at the office- is what can I eat that's easy, portable, and of course, delicious (NEVER kickstart your day of with something gross, why suffer through the drudges of terrible meals?! We're on keto, not a gruel diet!)

Here are a few of my portable suggestions (portable meaning carriable in a lunch box or thermos):

For Breakfast:

  • Protein shakes made with almond milk and a spoonfull of peanut butter    my favorite powder
  • Eggs, bacon, and cheese always work! (throw em in a tupperware, or work somewhere with a cafeteria....just sayin'!)
  • 1/4c of almonds always keep me satiated in a bind. (or peanuts- especially blister peanuts!)
  • When I'm feeling super hungry, i get up early and make myself an omlete, but if you work near a diner, pick one up!
  • If I'm feeling hungry and I'm in a bind, I'll bring my 1/4c almonds, a quick protein shake, and some string cheese, that usually holds me until 2 or 3 pm, which is great since I'm often eating lunch late.
  • There's also Ants on a Log which only works, if you like celery in the morning....It was a shot!
For Lunch:
  •  Meat roll-ups - Coldcuts (usually meat and cheese) rolled together, and place in tupperware - to make it fancy and less weird to co workers, spiff it up with some fancy toothpicks and olives! (My co workers have lovingly nicknamed this my bucket o' meat)
  • Salads with cut up cold cuts, almond slices, cheese, and some great creamy dressing!
  • Reheats from the night before? It worked in college for breakfast, this is just slightly more mature saving it for lunch. 
  • When I forget lunch, I always find it easy to go to a burger joint, and get a bacon cheese burger and just not eat the bun (or tell 'em you have a gluten allergy and ask them to wrap it in lettuce!)
  • If you have to go out with clients, it's best to take them to places that have a steak option, where you can get broccoli instead of potatoes and a side salad, no one will ask questions when they think you're making general healthy choices. 
  • I always, ALWAYS bring a stick or 'medallion' of cheese with me for lunch as a snack, not only is it pack full of the fat and protein you need, but it's always satisfying to have a little extra after your 'main dish'. 
  • I have found (as shown in the last post) these wonderful low carb (4g) wraps from Trader Joes, which allows me to easily create fancier wraps with cheese, meats, lettuce, dressing, etc. Just don't rely on these too much, as they are still 4gs out of your day just for the wrap. 

Well, hopefully this helped and from here you can start making your own weekday breakfast and lunch routines. If you would still like more ideas, don't hesitate to ask! 

Also look out tomorrow for the next weekly meal plan!

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  1. Hey there,

    First of all, I love this blog, I'm going to use all the recipes!

    I have a question though, about the protein shake.
    Currently I use a protein shake with 78g of eggwhites, 5g of fat, and 9g of carbohydrates. (per 100g, also 393kcal). Is this good for keto or should i buy another one?